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Aloha Ramadhan !
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Selamat pagi !*eces, 1 pagi baru update* 

Ayohaii, sorry for a long time no update alias no keep in touch. The very the busy lately. Ohoh, busy with the novel actually. Hoho !

Kita dah masuk hari ke-10 Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. Dipanjangkan umur oleh Allah untuk terus merasai nikmat Ramadhan.

Okey, what is actually mean by Ramadhan ?

In Bahasa, Ramadhan means panas terik !
In Syarak, Ramadhan means menahan diri daripada lapar dan dahaga serta perkara-perkara yang boleh membatalkan puasa dari terbit fajar sehingga terbenam matahari.

Got it ? So, what ibadah can we do in this Barakah month ?

First, Tadarus Al-Quran ! Masya-Allah, every letters we say Allah pay it with pahala. Masya-Allah !

Second, Terawih. We do it after Isya'.

Third, Qiamullail. Wake up in the 3/4 of the night and do solat sunat.

Forth, sedekah. Allah, we are highly recommended to do charity in this blissful month.

In this month, we will learn to be a very very very calm and cool person. Ramadhan teaches us how to be a patient person and automatically our Emaan will rise. This is because,

Patient is Part of Emaan.

Our Emaan will not complete without Patient. Bear that in our mind. Allahuakbar !

So, I think i have to pen off stop typing now. Until here my post for this time. Till we meet again next time, if Allah will.

Wishing you the best in this blissful month. Assalamualaikum ! ^^

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